"If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny."

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Land of the "Free"... The Land of the "Brave"...

1. the kid asked some questions

2. he got arrested

3. everyone watched though perhaps no more than 3 people reacted

4. sen. kerry like a "good" ol' politician watched, did nothing, ignored the situation

5. the kid, terrified and in shock, got tasered for resisting unlawful arrest for asking some questions

6. in fact he, and we, got some answers

7. perhaps he's hiding weapons of mass destruction in his bedroom next to his porn collection

Sunday, September 16, 2007

FDA Approved Drugs Worse Than 'Made In China' Goods

September 16, 2007

By: Christopher Barr

Worse than 'Made in China'?

Repeated recalls of goods ‘Made in China’ due to potentially dangerous health problems have been made in recent weeks, months, and the better part of a year. There have been no human casualties from these Chinese products though some pets have died.

This week a new report noted both injuries and deaths from consumer drugs had almost tripled the better part of ten years from 1998 to 2005. The drugs involved are all ‘FDA Approved’.

This nearly tripling of both injuries and deaths from ‘FDA Approved’ drugs comes during a time of heightened awareness of the problem. The seriousness of this problem was noted in 2000 by an advisory report to the federal government by the Institute of (Madness) Medicine – a medical group highly regarded (by fools).
The drug injuries and deaths rate increased four times faster than the rate of increase for drug prescriptions.

‘Made in China’ goods have been cited for potential harm to humans with that potential being realized in pets. ‘FDA Approved’ drugs have resulted in real harm to humans – including death – at a rate more than a thousand fold greater.

‘FDA Approved’ is held up as some sort of assurance of safety (by the brainwashed). Should this claim be superimposed upon a red flag?
Nutrient claims sometimes carry a notation ‘Statement not approved by the FDA’ listed as ‘disclaimer’. Should this actually be seen as a badge of honor?
One of the three main reasons cited by the recent study authors for the dramatic, dangerous increase is diabetic drugs – ‘FDA Approved’.

The mineral chromium in the right form (100% whole food, grown varieties) and the right amount (100 micrograms three or four times daily) is both safe and effective for reducing blood sugar problems (and other problems as well) though this is a ‘Statement not approved by the FDA’.

The official FDA response to the report about these dangerous increases in drug reactions is that the reason “is not completely known”. In other words they are not going to take responsibility and take their medicine for these problems.

Maybe the FDA is not taking their medicine because they know better?

Whether the FDA is blind to the truth or lying about it either of these are good reasons to issue a major recall of the broken-beyond-repair FDA.
‘FDA Approved’ is now the English colloquial equivalent of the classic Latin phrase ‘Caveat emptor’ – ‘Buyer beware’.

Christopher C. Barr writes Naturally Speaking from Arkansas: The Natural State … naturally! You may write him at P. O. Box 1147, Pocahontas, Arkansas 72455 or by e-mail at


Monday, September 3, 2007


Congressional Oversight Needed to STOP FDA's "Trilateral Cooperation Charter"

The FDA is engaged in conferencing with Canada & Mexico for the purpose of creating one "harmonized" set of food & drug regulations for all 3 nations with zero INPUT from the PEOPLE of Canada, the USA, or Mexico. See

On what legal AUTHORITY does the FDA presume to take this action?

What they're doing clearly violates the Administrative Procedures Act, the Federal Advisory Committee Act, as well as other laws, and Congressional Oversight is needed to immediately rein them in!!!

This is clearly part of a planned effort to have America join a North American Union with Canada & Mexico patterned after the EU (where many nutritional supplements, for instance, can only be accessed through a doctor's prescription). It's being scripted by the Council on Foreign Relations:
Which is what prompted the Neocons to create the (so called) "Security & Prosperity Partnership of North America"

In their "SCOPE" section FDA says their main purpose is to focus on what they call "HEALTH FRAUD"

We all know how the FDA INTERPRETS "health fraud". Take their current ban against cherry growers
FDA is ordering Cherry growers not to repeat the story that eating foods high in plant nutrients may protect against some types of cancer and strokes (despite recommendations of the Surgeon General and the National Research Council).

The alleged criminal acts had occurred on Ocean Spray's website. Normally, the FDA has no authority over websites, but the company had put its website address on its products, and the agency does have authority over labels.

What about pharmaceutical drugs that harm, to say the least, thousands of people on a daily basis, and yet, they are still readily available without a prescription?

Incredibly, now the FDA is attempting to extend this tyranny to Canada & Mexico, while simultaneously they'll attempt to impose the WORST ASPECTS of those countries regulations on AMERICANS.

For example: Canada regulates dietary supplements as "drugs", but in the USA, under the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act of 1994, these products are FOODS, and Americans enjoy far greater ACCESS to these products and to health information about them than Canadians do.

The last thing Americans need is the FDA unilaterally making decisions in the way that they are via the "Trilateral Cooperation Charter" without any input from Congress or the American people. Ostensibly, they would have us believe that this is all about providing us with "increased security".


The LAW is NOT "in the FDA's Mouth". Americans are entitled to demand that Congress protect consumers in general and all those concerned about their health freedom from the FDA by holding oversight hearings about this.

In 1994 the American people flooded congress with more letters, phone calls and personal visits than ever received in the HISTORY of congress when the Dietary Supplement Health & Education Act was passed into law. Now the FDA is attempting, "for a change", to UNDERMINE THE LAW by getting around the will of the American people.

People are already communicating with both their Senators & Congressmen regarding this matter. Even though it's no secret mainstream news outlets hardly ever report this, local papers, friends and family nationwide are being alerted as well.

Click here for more information
To the Top/Sign Petition
Email this petition to your friends

Saturday, September 1, 2007

up in our chArts - 2007

Artists in AlphAbeticAl order: (some of the available video links do not correspond to the song versions listed)

run - Air

du hast den schönsten arsch der welt - Alex c

destination calabria - Alex gAudino ft. crystAl wAters

back to black - Amy winehouse

love is a losing game - Amy winehouse

rehab (radio edit) - Amy winehouse

you know i'm no good - Amy winehouse

you know i'm no good (remix) - Amy winehouse

fluorescent adolescent - Arctic monkeys

hot - Avril lAvigne

i found you (remix) - Axwell

world, hold on (radio edit) - bob sinclAir

gimme more - britney speArs

piece of me - britney speArs

the salmon dance - chemicAl brothers

men's needs - cribs

kingdom - dAve gAhAn

baby when the light - dAvid guettA

idealistic - digitAlism

fergalicious - fergie

clumsy - fergie

i get money - 50 cent

anthem - filo & peri

uninvited - freemAsons

speed up - funkermAn

the hundreds is not a crime - funktions

wind it up - gwen stefAni

let me think about it - idA corr

d.a.n.c.e. - justice

genesis - justice

let there be light - justice

stress - justice

waters of nazareth - justice

we are your friends - justice vs simiAn

zzt justice remix - justice

what goes around (radio edit) - justin timberlAke

ingenting - kent

shadow of the day - linkin pArk

superstar - lupe fiAsco

don't tell me - mAdonnA

relax (take it easy) - mikA

fuck the pain away - peAches

young folks - peter bjorn And john

such great heights - postAl service

blurry - puddle of mudd

15 step - rAdioheAd

let me know - róisín murphy

heater - sAmim

la ritournelle - sebAstien tellier

sexual sportswear - sebAstien tellier

hustler - simiAn mobile disco

i believe - simiAn mobile disco

it's the beat - simiAn mobile disco

sleep deprivation - simiAn mobile disco

tits and acid - simiAn mobile disco

about you now - sugAbAbes

break my fall (radio edit) - tiësto

if you could only see (acoustic) - tonic

moan - trentemøller

higher state of consciousness - wink

a acuse des garcons - yelle

rise up (radio edit) - yves lArock


kelly watch the stars - Air

inhaler - hooverphonic

fake plastic trees - rAdioheAd

breathe - télépopmusik


The Authentic Almond Project

California-grown raw almonds may soon no longer be available. A new USDA mandate requires raw almonds to be sanitized through treatment processes that the industry generously describes as “pasteurization.”

The rule requires “pasteurization” of almonds with a toxic fumigant or treatment with high-temperature heat. The scheme imposes significant financial burdens on small-scale and organic growers, lacks scientific justification, damages domestic almond markets, and does not address the unsustainable methods used on the industrial-scale almond orchards where the only traced-back Salmonella outbreak occurred. And the treated almonds can still be deceptively labeled as “raw!”

Click here to read the full news story on this issue.

The Cornucopia Institute has prepared a comprehensive fact sheet detailing the broad range of problems and concerns associated with the USDA’s almond pasteurization plan.

Click here to view the Almond Fact Sheet.

We need you to contact the USDA and key elected officials now to stop this plan.

Click here to view our Action Alert for steps you can take to save our almonds.

Click here to view a Sample Letter to USDA Secretary Mike Johanns.

Click here to view a Sample Letter to key elected officials who can help us get the USDA to listen to the public.

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