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Monday, July 14, 2008

Century-Old Church Cove-Up of Health Scientific Works by P.J.A. Béchamp


Christopher C. Barr

Originally published on April 16, 2008

The Pope arrived in America on the 100th anniversary of the death of Pierre Jacques Antoine Béchamp. This brought much to my memory.
While news reports prominently covered protesters addressing past sex scandals in the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) my thoughts were drawn to another past tragedy never yet addressed.

The upcoming movie release of ‘EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed’ addresses the subject of evilution and the suppression of those not accepting of that paradigm.

More than a decade ago Pope John Paul II made headlines with an announcement accepting of evilution. This was not news to me. Acceptance – and protection – of evilution by the Roman Catholic Church goes back almost to the very origin of that specious “science falsely so-called which some professing have erred from the faith” (II Timothy 6:20-21 KJV).

The RCC actively fought against the lone champion that fought against evilution as it was first coming to prominence in the person of Dr. Antoine Béchamp. The RCC fighting against Béchamp was fighting against one of its own – in more ways than one.

Antoine Béchamp was a man of deep and profound Christian faith. In 19th century France to be Christian was synonymous with being Roman Catholic.
Scientific works of Béchamp recorded specifically the affirmation of God to be solidified by his scientific findings.

In the midst of a flourishing career in the French university system Béchamp received a plea from his beloved Catholic church to head up the Medical program at a new Catholic university at Lille, France. He heeded this call out of devotion to his church in spite of colleagues pleading against this decision.

As the battle of Béchamp heated up against the errors of evilution and also against the errors and lies of the thieving scoundrel Louis Pasteur in the years immediately following, there was constant interference and strong opposition from RCC officials.

Béchamp was astounded by his own beloved church fighting against truth. There were even discussions about placing writings of Béchamp on The Index. This was the list of books banned by the RCC that had served as a cornerstone of The Inquisition.

Finally, after more than a decade the interference from RCC officials became too much for Béchamp and he resigned from the Catholic university at Lille where he had founded their medical program that continues to this day.

A bereft Béchamp now without academic backing continued his researches alone for more than two decades. The forces brought against him by his beloved Roman Catholic Church and academia at large have so far expunged Béchamp and the greater truth of his science research from the history of science to the great detriment of the masses of humanity.

Organized religion has continued to this day as perhaps the greatest of benefactors to the falsities and half-truths of modern mediSin while the fullness of truth from Béchamp is largely buried with him 100 years after the death of this greatest of scientists who ever lived.

It took 4 centuries for the RCC to apologize by way of Pope John Paul II for its treatment of Galileo. This week enters the 2nd century since the death of Béchamp. It remains to be seen whether the RCC is getting any better about confessions for past sins.


Christopher C. Barr writes Naturally Speaking from Arkansas: The Natural State … naturally! You may write him at P.O. Box 1147, Pocahontas, Arkansas 72455 or by e-mail at

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